Thursday, August 26, 2010

Food For Thought...

Typical Ghanaian Food mmm...
Its a good thing I like spicy food or else I would be living on white rice. Almost all of the food here has a bit of spice but I am loving all the flavors. I have tasted almost all of the main dishes here (there are not too many) and so far my favorite is red red - a delicious blend of beans, palm oil, and plantains. Some of my other favorite dishes are the jollaf rice, which is just rice cooked with some peppers and spices, fried rice, pasta, watkee (beens and rice), and banku and fufu. These last two are very typical Ghanaian dishes and are eaten with the hands, which I found quite surprising. They are large balls served in soup (ground nut is my favorite) and have the consistency of chewed gum, but not quite as sticky. A small piece is broken off and dipped into the soup, then swallowed without chewing. Although I wouldn't say I am a huge fan of these dishes, they are slowly growing on me.

The fruit here is absolutely amazing! Bananas like I have never tasted, and very tasty white pineapple. With our new fridge, I have also began making some of my own very simple food, usually avocado, cheese, and cucumber sandwiches. Vegetables are not too common around here, but I have found some carrots and cabbage to snack on. Also one of my favorite snacks is plantain chips, which are lightly salted and the perfect mid-afternoon snack. I hope to continue experimenting with some more new food - and maybe try to bring some recipes home.

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