Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adventure to Busua!

Since we had no classes all last week, some girls on the program and I decided to venture down the coast for a few days. We left on Thursday morning and took a bus to a town called Takoradi, then a taxi to Busua, a small fishing town which ended up being about five hours from Accra. We got in after dark and decided to stay at the Alaska Lodge, since one of the girls was from Alaska.

The next day, we met the Alaskan who owns the lodge and his Ghanaian wife, as well as their monkeys, turtles, and parrots. We had no plans for the next few days, we simply wanted to relax on the beach. After getting some breakfast from the street, we decided to swim out to this small island. However, when we got there we discovered many sea urchines in between the rocks as we attempted to climb on shore. I made it without any urchines in me but some girls were not so fortunate. On the swim back we also encountered some jellyfish, but the swim was definitely worth these small setbacks. For the rest of the day we surfed and body boarded a bit and had some delicious burritos for lunch. At one point, I was out on the water surfing, the sun was setting in one direction, and there was a rainbow in the other...a picture perfect moment. We spent two more nights in Busua, swimming, surfing, eating, and relaxing, then headed back home to campus.

Overall, the weekend was an amazing getaway from the bustle of Accra and I felt so relaxed and rejuvinated apon returning home. I do hope I'll be able to return before my time is up...

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