Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween, Ghana Style

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. First of all, I'm allowed to dress up in a crazy outfit and not look out of place. And most importantly, I can eat tons of candy and feel very sick the next day. Myself and some friends decided that we didn't want to miss out on this important day so we carried the tradition to Ghana, even though most people here only know of Halloween through American movies they see or don't have any idea what it is at all.We decided to have a Halloween party in our room on Friday night and it was a blast. We decorated the room with Halloween plates and napkins that an American's dad sent her and bought TONs of candy at the supermarket - I had real snickers and twix for the first time in ages! For the first part of the night, we had mostly Americans in the room. I dressed up like a mermaid, and it was fun to just eat candy and listen to some Michael Jackson. After awhile, some Ghanaian friends arrived and one brought costumes for my friend Molly and I - we then became twin African princesses and she turned into Ariel from the Little Mermaid (our version of an American princess). Also included in our midst was Obama, Dianna Ross, FanIce (more about that later), a Rastafarian, a mummy, Dr. Doolittle, and a gypsy. We had the great idea of trying to trick-or-treat around the dorm and it was pretty hilarious. After knocking on some doors and saying "trick or treat", some people looked very confused, one girl screamed and ran to the bathroom, but we actually got a few pieces of candy from one startled Ghanaian.
Ghanaian Princesses and Mummy

On Halloween day (Sunday) we decided to go to this gorgeous beach about an hour and a half away and it was ideal. I have never been so warm on Halloween in my life. I'm used to to the drizzle of Washington State or even some snow in Minnesota. The day was so relaxing and a swim and a walk down the beach made me come to love Ghana even more.

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